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Shorts - only // Skjorte - bikobk/ armbnd - asos//smykke - dyrberg og kern//

Ikveld blir det avsluttning fr sommerferien starter, karakterer og alt, w... gruer meg til f igjen karakterene, jaja her er outfiten lol jaja swag.

  • Dato:19.06.2012
  • Klokken:15:56
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Dato: 19.06.2012 Klokken: 16:04

Kjempe fint!!! Du er suuuper pen....


Dato: 19.06.2012 Klokken: 16:09


Hanne - Legg meg til som venn!

Dato: 19.06.2012 Klokken: 16:11



Dato: 19.06.2012 Klokken: 16:37


mializm - kommenterer alltid tilbake

Dato: 19.06.2012 Klokken: 18:32

Fint! Likte shortsen :-)

Kristina B.

Dato: 19.06.2012 Klokken: 22:37

Kjempefint antrekk :D Gratulere s masse med seieren p fotokonkurransen !!

✟ Lilliaaaan

Dato: 19.06.2012 Klokken: 22:39

Kristina B.: tuusen takk! :D


Dato: 20.06.2012 Klokken: 01:56

Hello Lilian, I'm a big fan of your blog. I visit it every week. Could I ask for a little favour? It would make me SO happy! :) please answer me.

✟ Lilliaaaan

Dato: 20.06.2012 Klokken: 11:30

Anonym: Thank u :) sure!


Dato: 20.06.2012 Klokken: 18:00

Your welcome, I really love your blog and your style! :) Thanks! you're so nice :) I'm sure it won't take you more than 5 minutes and it'd make me super happy. Do you want me to tell you what I want here or on e-mail? :)if so, tell me yours.

✟ Lilliaaaan

Dato: 20.06.2012 Klokken: 18:46

Anonym: U can tell me here :)


Dato: 20.06.2012 Klokken: 19:31

Ok! and thanks again :) well, I love your blog and you'd make me really happy if you dedicate me a pic (just like a personal gift, you don't even have to publish it on your blog if you don't want to). I don't want to bother you too much so something simple would be perfect, for example you posing with a sheet with a message in spanish (don't worry, I'd tell you what to write but it'd be very simple -just a phrase and my name or something like that), and since I'm from Spain and our national team is playing the european championship it would be AWESOME if you show your support to us (again, I could tell you a message in Spanish so you can pose with it handwritten in a sheet, you posing with our flag, a little flag in your skin...-just ideas- ) :)if you're fine with that just reply me here and I'll send you some phrases in Spanish :)

That's all, you have NO idea how happy you'd make me <3

✟ Lilliaaaan

Dato: 20.06.2012 Klokken: 19:39

Anonym: you're soo sweet! ofc I can dedicate a picture for you :) Just give me a quote or what u want me to write down, and I can make a picture for you!! :) And give me your e-mail so I can send it to you, I might put it on my blog, but im not sure yet, will see :)


Dato: 20.06.2012 Klokken: 20:50

Oh, thanks! YOU're SO sweet! that's great, thank u so much! :) A quote? well, I don't really know but something like

"Got an army full of friends, god I know it makes no sense, everybody in the zone OS QUIERO to the bone. Calling a friend EN ESPAA!"

would be perfect -it's a quote from my fav song and I put some words in Spanish on it :)- and under this quote at the end "besos, judith <3" -it means kisses-

and if you want to support our country, which would be really AMAZING something like

"VAMOS CAMPEONES, VAMOS ESPAA. TODOS CON LA ROJA" -let's go champions, let's go Spain, everybody are with you- would be great. You could draw a Spanish flag too...I know I'm asking for too much, but it'd be GREAT and thanks x1000 :)

OK! my e-mail (afil_2012@hotmail.es) :) believe me, I know it has nothing to do with your blog and it's just a personal gift so don't put it on it if you don't want to do it...no problem for me at all :)

you have my email so you can send it to me there or write me, whatever :)


✟ Lilliaaaan

Dato: 20.06.2012 Klokken: 20:59

Anonym: Thank u <3 I will try to do it all! I will send it to you tomorrow on your e-mail :-))

npp <3 just glad to help <3


Dato: 20.06.2012 Klokken: 21:48

No, thank U <3 Ok, perfect! Try it, I know it's too much - sorry :( -

(for the second quote, if you can't put everything with the flag, a big "VAMOS ESPAA" is perfect too, no need to put everything in that quote. :) - and I know you don't use there but ESPAA isn't the same with N isntead of xD

I bet you'll look great in the pic as always! :) I want to see ur face on it too! :) xD Ok, I'll check my email tomorrow, take your time :-)

awww you're so nice, and you did, it really made my day :) <3

✟ Lilliaaaan

Dato: 21.06.2012 Klokken: 00:07

Anonym: Haha! ok, I'll try to do my best :-) <3

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